Patsy Ann's Restaurant


Special Offer:

We now offer special discounts on family style meals to Churches and Civic Organizations.

Staff Meetings, Bereavement, Wednesday Night Suppers or even Fund raisers Patsy Anns can help. Low cost meals sent in disposable pans keep cleanup simple and easy. No more lost pans or trying to beat the clock after work preparing food for a "pot-luck". For Bereavement you can depend on food being delivered fresh at the time the family needs that added break. Call for pricing info.


Please note that Daily specials are only displayed on the front porch page.


Lunch and Dinner:

 Pork BBQ with our own essential sauce, Plump jucy Chicken Tenders like none other,  Hand packed Country Style Steak and Gravy, Momma's Meat Loaf, Creamy Chicken and Dumplings and Salt-n-Pepper Catfish are available everyday.  on a rotational basis we prepare Daily Specials call for today's items.

Side items include Creamy Cole Slaw, Red BBQ Slaw, Fresh Salads, Mashed Potatos, Mac-n-Cheese, Green Beans, Baked Apples, Pintos, Collard Geens, Cooked Cabbage and more.

Always ask your server for todays specials! 



Ever fresh and always changing try Hershey Bar Cakes, Fluffy and Moist Carrot Cakes, Banana Pudding, Cherry and Blue Berry Yum-Yums to name a few. Look also for fresh baked cookies and Sourdough Breads as well.